DROMEDAR – Ozone screening

Joint action of disinfection and screening for a complete sanitation and care of the beaches. The UNICORN Dromedar 1.9 / 2.5 models are large machines that allow you to tackle large stretches of beaches and guarantee perfect cleaning and disinfection, while the Dromedar 1.5 model is designed for hotel, camping and beach club professionals who want to clean and disinfect beaches or stretches of beaches next to their establishments. Depending on the surface, we can choose the UNICORN version Dromedar 1.5, Dromedar 1.9 or Dromedar 2.5, obtaining cleaning widths, respectively. The DROMEDAR beach cleaners allow combining the disinfecting action of ozone with that of sand screening and can be adapted both to remove algae / sargassum, such as urban waste, such as pieces of metal, glass, plastic, etc. This combination gives the UNICORN Dromedar an incredible versatility, being able to carry out a cleaning always adapted to the conditions of the beach and to the objectives of the user.


Advantages of ozone beach cleaning

  • It is ecological and respectful with coastal fauna and flora.
  • It is a fast and effective treatment against all kinds of microorganisms (COVID-19 type virus / Coronavirus, bacteria and fungi).
  • It is an automatic treatment that does not require labour.
  • It is a treatment without replacements, it only feeds on air and electricity.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and electrical consumption.


Screening the beach sand with ozone

Its front roller can be adjusted to the cleaning objective, either for lifting algae / sargassum or for urban waste. For this, in addition, its screening system is reinforced, in order to separate well the sand that is initially attached to the algae. The cleaning of the beach sand is achieved through the screening of the sand and the separation of the waste and with the application or not of the Ozone if it is considered necessary. It is finished with the final smoothing, leaving the sand flat and spongy, as well as disinfected and free of residues. The chassis provides robustness to the machine and protects it from the aggression of atmospheric agents. Optionally it can be hot galvanized.

Thanks to a remarkable working width and depth of cleaning, as well as the shape, length and vibration power of its mesh, the UNICORN Dromedar is able to ozone and clean a large amount of sand in a short time.


Beach Cleaning Process with Ozone

For the perfect elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi, ozonated water is poured onto the finished screen sand. At that time, that sand is perfectly aerated and is characterized by being soft, clean of objects and spongy. That is why it is prepared to receive the soft ozonated water bath that is poured over it through the sprinklers.

Ozone (O3) is a state of oxygen (O2) and is characterized by its high reactivity and powerful oxidation potential. Eliminates all microorganisms, renews and purifies the environment, providing controlled and hygienic liquids and environments. After reacting, the ozone is converted back to oxygen. Ozone acts on microorganisms, oxidizing the proteins in its envelope and modifying its three-dimensional structure. When this occurs, the virus cannot bind to any host cell and dies.

Dissolved in water, ozone is completely harmless. Thanks to its oxidizing potential, it is used worldwide in purification and disinfection treatments. Ozone stands out for being the fastest and most effective microbicidal agent, destroying both bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. It also offers viable comprehensive solutions for environmental disinfection and odour problems.



Working width: 2,500mm

Cleaning depth: 250mm

Loading capacity: 2.5m³

Dumping height: 2.5m

External measurements: 6,550mm (L) – 2,515mm (A) – 2,020mm (H)

Weight: 3270kg

Deposit: 500l

Tractor type: 80-100HP 4×4



Working width: 1,900mm

Cleaning depth: 250mm

Loading capacity: 2.5m³

Dumping height: 2.5m

External measurements: 6,550mm (L) – 2,250mm (A) – 2,020mm (H)

Weight: 2980kg

Deposit: 500l

Tractor type: 80-100HP 4×4



Working width: 1,500mm

Cleaning depth: 180mm

Loading capacity: 1.5m³

Dumping height: 1m

External measurements: 5,909mm (L) – 1,570mm (A) – 1,577mm (H)

Weight: 1,750kg

Deposit: 250l

Tractor type: 4×4 60-70HP