Since its establishment more than 35 years ago in Sant Ramon (Lleida), MAQUINARIA AGRÍCOLA SEGUÉS, has had so clear what is its target and how to reach it. This way, since the beginning with the first bale groupers and the first 10.000 kg fertilizer spreaders, Maquinaria Agricola Segues has drawn a clear-cute line, every Segues machine and implement has to be characterized by the highest manufacturing and design quality and it has to be able to supply the maximum performance to the user’s job. Maquinaria Agricola segues is constantly progressing as its history proves. Since its beginning in livestock maintenance jobs as manufacturing spreaders and short cultivators suitable for the closest market in Sant Ramon and la Segarra to the design and production of new soil work implements as chisels, the super cultivator AGROMAK 5F, the short disc harrows with independent discs Discmax, focused all them as to the closest market in Catalonia as to farer markets all around Spain and other foreign countries, being present actually in many European and American countries. If there is a product that really identifies the Segues Brand, it’s the fertilizer spreaders. Since the early beginning, Maquinaria Agricola Segues set aside great efforts to the design and continuous performance as the trailed spreaders as the mounted spreaders (both pendulous and twin disc). The Segues spreaders “Lineage” starts with the successful RA-10, a spreader with a design that barely suffered any change since the first machine but remaining as competitive as the first day. It continues with minor capacity trailed spreaders, the RA-6 and RA-8, offering different capacities and also offering new and pioneer electronic systems to manage the machine and assure the best VRA.

The farm machinery market

The farm machinery market, every day is more dynamic and competitive, as Segues. With the twin disc and conveyor spreaders, Segues covers a market part but not all and its aim is to cover all the market. This is why it creates the RAP spreader, a pendulous distribution and free fall spreader. The new spreader is very good accepted by the customers and this fact encourages Segues to create a new product line, the mounted fertilizer spreaders with the same pendulous system and a made of fibre hopper, the EP mounted spreaders that shortly become very popular as the RAP. But there is still a very important market segment to be covered; the vineyard cultivation market and Segues launch a whole product line for this segment. The trailed spreaders RAVID fitted with conveyor belt and different distribution systems to choose, The CH vineyard cultivators, the compact and short disc harrows Discmax Vid, the muck spreaders for vineyards and orchards V and REV, the drills, etc… As the market never sleep, both Segues and it’s permanently going up by introducing new products for the fertilization. By launching the new spreaders line RA-TM. The first one is the RA-TM10 with noteworthy improvements if compared with the old RA, as the sprung drawbar, automatic tarpaulin, new redesigned and stronger frame, … And the line continues with the RA-TM15, 20 and 25 where Segues introduce some more new features as the double axle mounted on a boogie, the self-steering axle, electronic VRA guided by GPS as standard… Segues also creates a new line of mounted and twin disc fertilizer spreaders, for the vineyards with the SPA with hoppers from 500 to 1200 l, as for larger fields with the SPI and SDI mounted spreaders from 1500 to 3000 l hoppers with very accurate distributions and optionally fitted with high technology electronic distribution and weighing systems.

Creation, innovation & adaptation

Recently, due to the numerous customers’ demands and the lonmg experience gathered with the mounted and twin disc spreaders, Segués has created the new twin disc and free fall spreaders RAD made in two available versions, 6.000 and 8.000 kg, and with a high accurate distribution as soon as it’s really easy to use and adjust. The recent years have been years plenty of difficulty for everybody, and Maquinaria Agricola Segués, in its continuous evolution line, has known how to adapt itself to the market requirements and offer what the market required, by creating new product lines, the product line for public services and contractors. This way Segues became importer of great and important international brands as the American Land Pride or Trynex (brand that includes the electric salt and sand spreaders SnowEx and the Push Brooms to be coupled to forklifts and tractors SweepEx), the Austrian Hatzenbichler with the organic comb harrows, the Italian Maschio e Gaspardo, etc… at the same time that it started manufacturing new products for this area as the grader blades, the salt/sand spreaders to be coupled on different vehicles, and the Beach Cleaning machines Magnum, Runner and Resort. To achieve this development and improvement it trusted since the beginning with the best purveyors of the highest quality products and above all with a highly qualified and committed staff.