Dryer solar

That the nuts do not contain excessive humidity is a problem for farmers. SEGUÉS SOLAR dryers are specially adapted for the drying of hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios …

They have as main characteristic the indirect heating fire by exchanger, so that it does not modify the properties of the product and it will be convenient for working with biological and non-biological products.

The drying time is completely variable and depends on many factors starting with the fruit itself, the moisture of this before drying, the temperature and humidity outside …

They have a control panel where we will select the temperature that we will dry and its duration along with the cooling period. The dryer has an auger to move the product at your convenience.

At the request of the client our dryers can be customized for the treatment of cereals, corn, wheat, barley, rice


– Central electric control panel

– Auger remover central actuator electrically.

– Diesel burner and diesel fuel tank.

– Electric turbine for hot air propulsion.

– Towed mobile dryer (depending on the model).

– Thermometer in the hopper to control the drying temperature.