Magnum Evolution

The Unicorn Magnum is one of the largest beach sand cleaners on the market. It is characterized by its great capacity for cleaning the beach both on the surface and in the sand screening work at variable depth, easily carried out by this beach cleaner. The quality of the work they carry out is highly valued by those responsible for municipal cleaning services, when they must tackle the rapid cleaning of large beaches in their municipalities.

The wide working width of 2,500 mm., And the large loading volume of 2.5m³; They make it possible to affirm that the “Unicorn Magnum” is the ideal beach cleaner for working on large beaches efficiently. The rear hopper with the waste can discharge 2.5 meters high, with which you can pour the entire contents of the hopper into a truck or a container. Collaboration in caring for the environment is an important attribute of the “Unicorn Magnum” because the special wide-width tires do not damage the beach surface and, on the other hand, the screening system helps to oxygenate the sand and clean it up.

As an option, the “Unicorn Magnum” can have the galvanized chassis and hopper and can also incorporate a disinfection equipment.



Chassis: Steel with anticorrosive treatment.

Dimensions: 5826mm long x 2050mm high x 2500mm wide.

Weight: 2,950 Kg

Cleaning width: 2500 mm.

Surface paint: PVC protection

Mesh: Triangular interlaced carbon steel of high resistance and with 23mm mesh light.

Tires: 500/50 17 ”



Traction type: tractor pulling power

Tractor type: 100-150HP 4×4 tractor

PTO: 540rpm

Hydraulic group: typical of the machine



Cleaning system: Front roller, Screening mesh, Rear hopper and Smoothing

Cleaning depth: 0 to 30cm

Hopper capacity: 2m3 hydraulically downloadable at 2.5m from the ground.

Recommended speed: from 5 to 12km / h depending on the degree of humidity of the sand

Airborne noise emitted: less than LWA = 70 dBA


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