The SEGUÉS PSS fertilizer distributors are equipped with a polyethylene hopper and the drive is 100% mechanic. With the only movement of the wheel when advancing and clutch for travel, makes them perfect to be dragged by any vehicle (car, tractor,quad, etc) and on any surface, both lawns, as pasture, fields, etc …


– Agitator  and sieve to avoid traffic jams and entrance of foreign bodies

– Regulation system manual

– Stainless steel disc

– Stainless steel deflector for limit the working width

– Tow hitch for car trailer, pickup truck, quads, etc

Technical Features:

Model – PSS-500

Load – 400 kg

Hopper – 380l

Width – 1.960 mm

Length – 1.510 mm

Height – 1.580mm

Weight – 140 kgs

Power – 10 cv