RA Spreaders

The SEGUES RA are 6.000, 8.000 and 10.000 kg trailed fertilizer spreaders fitted with conveyor belt and double spinner. They always perform a High accuracy VRA (variable rate application) and the spinners are hydraulically driven by two hydraulic motors ensuring this way a stable working width and a distribution precision unbeatable. They are suitable for spreading any low dampness fertilizer and even for seeding.

• Variable rate application system (VRA)
• 18.4-30 or 34 traction tyres for a lower trailing resistance and lower soil compaction.
• Spinners driven by both hydraulic motors
• Hydraulic brake
• Mechanical parking brake
• Combined mechanical/hydraulic VRA distribution
• Rust-Proof primer and coating
• Parking jack
• Stainless steel and great diameter spinners (800 mm)
• 800 mm width conveyor belt to avoid the “vault” effect

• Cover tarpaulin
• GPS driven electronic “variable rate application” system (VRA)
• “Intelligent” distribution System
• GPS guidance system
• Working width regulator
• Independent oil system driven by the PTO
• In hopper auger for high dampness fertilizers
• Hydraulic storing Jack
• Top Galvanized mesh


  • Upload:6.000, 8.000, 10.000 l
  • Hopper:5.000, 6.500, 8.200 l
  • Running gear:1 axle
  • Tyre:18.4/15-30 or 18.4/15-34
  • Length:5.780, 5.780, 6.320 mm
  • Width:2.450 mm

Specifications Table


Instructions and spares manual