The SFI-PES fertilizer spreaders are designed for the demanding farmer because of the high performance in fertilizer distribution. The base hopper has a filling volume of 1,500 liters that can be converted into 3,200 simply by adding supplements. The scatter diagrams supplied with the machine allow the farmer to regulate the work amplitude and the range of the fertilizer for working amplitudes up to 36m. The SFI-PES fertilizer spreaders allow normal spreading to be used for late spreading (essential when fertilizing areas where crops reach high heights) and edge spreading. At the same time that with the system of heavy integrated in the chassis allows to adjust in automatic way the opening of the gates of dosage in function of the speed of advance of the tractor and of the characteristics of flow of the fertilizers.


– Electric servomotors to regulate the position

of the closures

– Manual adjustment of fertilizer drop point

– Stainless steel filter grid

– Bottom of the stainless hopper

– Stainless discs with quick disassembly

– Quick setting for palette settings

– Pallet kit for distribution 12-24m

– Slow rotation stirrers

– Discharge tube

– Management computer

Model           Upload    Hopper        Width           Length         Height        Weight       Power

SFI-PES 1500    3.800 kg    1.500 l     2.350 mm    1.650 mm    1.230 mm     510 kg      90-100 cv

SFI-PES 2150    3.800 kg    2.150 l     2.350 mm    1.650 mm    1.460 mm     545 kg       140 cv

SFI-PES 2400    3.800 kg    2.400 l     2.800 mm    1.650 mm    1.550 mm      570 kg      140 cv

SFI-PES 2800    3.800 kg    2.800 l     2.350 mm    1.650 mm    1.660 mm      580 kg      160 cv

SFI-PES 3200    3.800 kg    3.200 l     2.800 mm    1.650 mm    1.700 mm      585 kg      180 cv