Unicorn Scarbat 1.5

The Scarbat 1.5 is a medium size model ideal for hotel, camping and beach club professionals, who want to clean beaches or stretches of beaches next to their waste, algae or sargassum establishments. . It is an agile model to use and maneuver, which can be dragged with a 60-70HP tractor

Like the rest of the Scarbat models, it combines the screening action, leaving a clean, spongy and airy sand. It also has a final smoothing bar to ensure an aesthetic and attractive finish of the beach once it has been sanitized with the machine.

Its shooting bar allows high maneuverability, with 180º turns with a radius of less than four meters. Its chassis is reinforced to withstand the atmospheric demands of the coastal environment.


Working width: 1,500mm

Cleaning depth: 180mm

Loading capacity: 1.5m³

Dumping height: 1m

External measurements: 5,909mm (L) – 1,570mm (A) – 1,577mm (H)

Weight: 1,750kg

Tractor type: 4×4 60-70HP

UNICORN Scarbat 1.5 EN