Drying of cereals

The objective of the drying of the cereal, the rice, the corn … is to extract the humidity to store it or to prepare it for the following elaborations, at the same time as it increases the value of the product in the market.  A bad drying produces the creation of mold and the fermentation of the product.

The advantages of our dryers are the external auger that allows us to save time during drying, a heat exchanger for the expulsion of combustion gases makes the product suitable for human consumption.  We can not leave aside a burner of low consumption.

They adapt to all fuels and of various capacities, being able to be fixed or mobile according to the productions, at the same time that they adapt to each seed.

We can equip them in the simplest way for the most sophisticated with centralized lubrication, cleaning, moisture meter.

A drying cycle includes the loading of the silo, the drying process, the cooling and the discharge of the silo.  The daily amount depends on the degree of humidity of the grain, its maturity, the climatic conditions (relative humidity) …