Semi-Chisel CHM

The SEGUÉS SEMI-CHISELS CHM are the perfect implements for jobs on strong, stony soils or for jobs on soils covered by weeds, straw, stubble, etc… and or when medium or deep jobs have to be performed due to the tines height, the points strength and the double spring hitch made of cast steel.

• 30×30 mm width and 600 mm height tine made of cast steel
• In two lines versions, 260 mm distance tine to tine
• In three lines versions, 230 mm distance tine to tine
• From 3 metres width, vertical and hydraulic folding system
• Tine clamp fitted with double spring and made of cast iron
• Third point Hitch
• Rust-proof and high quality prime and paint

• Roller made of solid 25 mm bars
• Comb with 10 mm thick and 50 mm length points
• Reinforced points
• “wear free” points made of Tungsten
  • Power:65 to 250 hp
  • Tines:7 to 34
  • Working width:1.800 to 7.800 mm
  • Transport width:1.800 to 3.000 mm