Unicorn Basic Line

It is a basic beach cleaning machine, suitable for medium and large beaches. Its breadth of work gives us optimum performance and makes it an ideal, effective and cost-effective machine for cleaning and disinfecting wet and dry sandy beaches.

This model is very easy to handle. Its rear hopper has a loading capacity of 1.5 m3 that can be unloaded at 2.50 m high and its actual working width is 1.86 m. The entire chassis is reinforced taking into account the great resistance it must withstand. You can incorporate the disinfection equipment and carry out this activity at the same time that you are sifting the sand.


Cleaning width: 1,850 mm (2,500 mm for Magnum Basic Line model)

External measurements: 5,826 long x 1,856 wide x 1,995 high

Weight: 1,990 Kg (2,375 kg. For Magnun Basic Line model)

Engine drive with hydraulic system

Dumping height: 2.5 m.

Cleaning depth: 0 to 300 mm.

Mesh length and width: 6,850 mm – 1,510 mm

Hopper capacity: 1.5 m3

Chassis with anticorrosive treatment.

Surface paint: double layer polyurethane

Hydraulic drive to extract the oil from the tractor.

Hydraulic discharge device

Low-pressure tires, 500/50 17 ”

Vibrating rollers 3

Screening mesh that removes objects larger than 2 cm3.

Characteristics of the necessary tractor:

Tractor 4×4- from 100 to 120HP

The Tractor must have a 3-Element Distribution Set, one double-acting for emptying the hopper, one single for lifting the hopper and one single for driving the mesh and pick-up rotation motors.

The tractor must have a 3/4 inch free return plug.

Necessary tractor with flow regulator and oil connectors.


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